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5 Trousers For Command Officers, trousers shall be of F.R. wool, Nomex or P.B.I. and of approved style. For all other sworn members they shall be navy blue and made of regulation F.R. material. Slacks/Pants (Non-sworn Personnel) Navy blue slacks with a plain


The Headmaster shall be responsible for the immediate recording of all corporal and other serious punishment in the Punishment Book which he is required to keep under Rule 18, except corporal punishment inflicted by the principal teacher under Rule 35 (g) or 36

Lawriter - OAC - 311-1-06 Bike patrol uniform.

(2) Uniform trousers or shorts; (a) During the summer, from May sixteenth to September fifteenth, personnel assigned to bike patrol shall wear bike patrol shorts conforming to the specifications of rule 311-1-06.2 of the Administrative Code.


The trousers shall be unhemmed. The trousers are designed with a center back outlet to allow for easy tailoring of the waist to let out up to 1 to 1-1/2-inches and take in up to 1-inch. c. Shirt (Short or Long Sleeve). The shirt is a short or long sleeve mens dress ...

Lawriter - OAC - 311-1-04.2 Tactical trousers:

311-1-04.2 Tactical trousers: construction specifications. (A) Design: (1) The tactical trousers shall have a plain front with a button or zipper fly. The trousers may be either (a) A dress uniform design with permanent front leg creases and four pockets: two quarter ...

Trousers for Women Miss Sixty Online Store

Discover the new collection of women's trousers and shorts by Miss Sixty, in leather, velvet, sporty, classic and high-waisted. Shop now! Triboo Digitale S.r.l., sole-member company with legal offices in Milan, Viale Sarca 336, Edificio 16, Italy, shared capital euro 3 ...


trousers) shall be subjected to a whole suit spray test to assess the (limited) spray tightness of the garment construction. This is not applicable to partial body protection items. Approval by Horizontal Committee: 19/11/2007 Approval by Standing Committee: 30 ...

Breeches - Wikipedia

Breeches (/ ˈ b r ɪ tʃ ɪ z, ˈ b r iː-/ BRITCH-iz, BREE-chiz) are an article of clothing covering the body from the waist down, with separate coverings for each leg, usually stopping just below the knee, though in some cases reaching to the ankles.The breeches were ...

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Data Protection Information Notice to Users Triboo Digitale S.r.l. .with registered office in Viale Sarca 336, Edificio 10, 25124 Milan, VAT no. / Tax Code and Milan Business Register Enrolment No. IT02387250307 (hereinafter also Triboo and Lardini S.p.A.) with registered office in Via Achille Grandi n. 15/A, 60024 - Filottrano (AN) hereinafter also the Partner and, together with ...

trousers - Deutsch-Übersetzung Linguee Wörterbuch

Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "trousers" Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Examples of limitations on these rights that come to mind are: the flogging of women in Sudan for wearing trousers; the suppression of the opposition and the media following the elections in Iran; the political turmoil in Honduras; migrant workers in the ...


Trousers: Trousers shall be dark green with a narrow black stripe running vertically down the outside seam of each leg from the waist to the bottom of the trouser leg. Trousers shall be tailored so that the bottom hem barely touches the vamp of the shoes. 3. 4.

A2CU Coats and Trousers -

Stitching shall be buried in leg seams and not visible on finished trousers. 301 or 401 Page 14, Table VI, Bartack Placement, row 5; Delete without replacement. Page 14, Table VI, Bartack Placement, for "Knife Pocket": Add the following sentence: "The bartack shall not extend into the pocket but shall finish at the edge of the binding tape."

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Men's trousers EASY in microscuba fabric with a ribbed drawstring waist Woman Sweatshirts T-shirts and top Trousers and leggings Jackets and coats Man Sweatshirts T-shirts and top Trousers and leggings Jackets and coats

Trousers and leggings - Woman - Activewear Jaked

The Personal Data collected for marketing and profiling purposes (Paragraph 2 letters f. and/or g.) shall be retained until the customer requests erasure of the same or revokes the consent to the processing of his/her Personal Data. Revoking consent shall not

Lawriter - OAC - 311-1-03.2 Class B trousers: specifications..

311-1-03.2 Class B trousers: specifications.. (A) Design: (1) The Class B trousers shall have a plain front with quarter top pockets, two back pockets, and black stripes on the outer side seams. (2) The Class B trousers shall be made on a uniform pattern in both

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Trousers meaning in Bengali - ; ; English Bangla & English (E2B) Online Dictionary. - Online । Providing the maximum meaning of a word by combining the best sources with us.

trousers - Traduzione in italiano Dizionario Linguee

Moltissimi esempi di frasi con "trousers" Dizionario italiano-inglese e motore di ricerca per milioni di traduzioni in italiano. Here was brought the stuff cut on the mountains of Bienno from the bohkaiöi (the woodsmen) with the tools built by hand by the forgemen ...

trousers - German translation Linguee

Many translated example sentences containing "trousers" German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Examples of limitations on these rights that come to mind are: the flogging of women in Sudan for wearing trousers; the suppression of the opposition and the media following the elections in Iran; the political turmoil in Honduras; migrant workers in the U.S ...

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Ladies Navy Blue Workwear Trousers - Hospital Specificiation. Fully Elasticated. LADIES TROUSER. Excellent Quality. in s id e le g lon g. in s id e le g r e g.

long trousers - Traduction française Linguee

wear appropriate clothing (e.g. safety shoes, long trousers, closefitting clothes, protective goggles). Pendant les travaux avec ou sur l'appareil, portez une tenue de travail appropriée telle que par exemple des chaussure s de s écurité, vêtements moulants, paire de lunettes enveloppantes.

Lawriter - OAC - 4123:1-21-02 Personal protective

(g) In addition to the product label specified in paragraph (R)(5)(f) of this rule, each escape rope shall be marked for its full length by insertion of a continuous identification tape. At least the following statement and information shall be legibly printed on the tape not

Dressing up for Eid 2020 should be all about fashion and

1/8/2020· As July draws to a close, the arrival of Eid ul Azha, or as we tend to call it Bakr Eid sends feelings of enthusiasm among the Muslim community. A

Pull-On Capri Pants Cropped Cotton Trousers

Each party shall be responsible for their own attorneys fees except as provided by applicable law or the AAA Rules. We are committed to providing for dispute resolution at a reasonable cost to consumers consistent with the AAA Rules, and any matters related to such cost, if not agreed to by you and The Vermont Country Store, will be decided by the arbitrator.

Safety and Operation Manual Sikkerheds og Instruktionsbog

RJ 100 / 012004 24686G-DK (rev.0) ADVARSEL: Denne maskine kan forårsage alvorlig personskade, hvis den bruges forkert. Alle, der bruger og vedligeholder denne maskine, skal være korrekt uddannet til dette, skal advares om farerne og læse hele

Wearing one's trousers rolled - phrase meaning and origin

/I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach." so Atabraiz might not be alone in initially thinking that Prufrock is older than his years, perhaps. It's not an awfully easy poem - people argue to this day about what individual lines and phrases mean (and how old Prufrock actually is).

Trousers - Wikipedia

Trousers enter recorded history in the 6th century BC, on the rock carvings and artworks of Persepolis, and with the appearance of horse-riding Eurasian nomads in Greek ethnography.At this time, Iranian peoples such as Scythians, Sarmatians, Sogdians and Bactrians among others, along with Armenians and Eastern and Central Asian peoples such as the Xiongnu/Hunnu, are known to have worn trousers.

Cleanroom trousers VWR

These trousers are made of XA32 fabric consisting of 99% polyester and 1% conductive fibres. The fibres are continuous filament fibres, which means that the garments do not emit particles or fibres. The carbon filaments produce good static discharge, thus preventing static charging and minimising triboelectric attraction of particles and fibes. This makes the garments very suitable for ...


trousers on the secondary market. Rejected trousers shall be labeled or indelibly marked on the label as seconds/rejected by USMC and the embroidered label Made Expressively For USMC shall be cut out of the trousers. 3.3.2 Basic material. The basic

Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

Oscar-winning animated adventure featuring Wallace and Gromit. The duo are plunged into a hilarious tale of skulduggery involving an extraordinary pair of automated trousers and a villainous penguin. Featuring Peter Sallis as the voice of Wallace.

The trousers test for rupture - ScienceDirect

1/10/1974· In The trousers test for rupture 561 Fig. 4, FoltwK is plotted against EjwK for various values of a and we note that Fo de- pends only slightly on a. From these results we can obtain the value of F for a test- piece of arbitrary dimensions, provided a, E and K are known for the material.

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The girls of six to ten shall be given skirts or long dresses, and the boys of six to fourteen shall be provided with trousers. Those trousers sagged so low beneath his ample waist it appeared as if at any moment they might fall about his ankles.

AR 670-1: Chapter 13: Blue Service and Dress Uniforms -

The gold braid on the trousers shall be 100% polyester produced by a certified braid supplier. f. Shirts, male, long and short sleeve. Issue shirts are 65/35% polyester/cotton blend in a herringbone weave with stretch, approximately 4.5 ounce weight, with a The ...

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